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Ready to renew your watercraft registration? Enter your VA registration number and renewal PIN below.
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Can't find your renewal PIN? Contact DGIF at 1-804-767-6760.

Welcome to the Virginia Online Watercraft Registration System!

  • Renew your current watercraft registration
  • Find your current watercraft registration through your customer account
  • Start a new registration application online or view the status of pending watercraft registration applications you have submitted by mail

Do you have a Renewal PIN?

Simply enter your VA Registration Number and the Renewal PIN you received in the mail. If you can't find your Renewal PIN, contact us.

Locate Your Current Registration

Tell us about your existing registration, and we'll try to find your registration and customer account.

Locate or Create Your DGIF Customer Account

You can start a new watercraft registration online, check the status of an existing registration, renew your watercraft registration and more through your DGIF customer account. Enter your date of birth and a second identifier and we'll locate your account. If we can't find one, we'll prompt you to create one.

Starting a new watercraft registration online may require you to submit original documents to our office. Please review document requirements carefully to avoid delays in processing!

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